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Top 10 Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas

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It may be hard to wrap your head around, but Christmas is less than a month away! The holidays are full of additional online traffic as consumers look to the Internet to drive their shopping purchases, so there’s a big opportunity to jump on board and align your social media marketing with the spirit of the season. Whether your business booms this time of year, or you deal with a lull around the holidays, here’s our top 10 holiday social media marketing ideas:

  1. Decorate your cover and profile photos: add some holiday cheer to your social media images and profile photos, the simple addition of a Santa hat or some holiday lights will transform your pages instantly into the cheerful aura of Christmas.
  2. Pin your heart out: if you sell products, get your Pinterest posts up to par this month because people will be taking to that social media site to find lots of ideas for holiday shopping, DIYs and much more. The holidays are one of the most active topics on Pinterest every year.
  3. Showcase gift ideas on Instagram: this is worth investing a little advertising budget into as well, but be sure to stage beautiful, holiday photos to post on Instagram that will showcase your products and/or services for gift ideas. Research the most popular hashtags in your city to capitalize on the potential of each post too.
  4. Run a holiday promotion: post a specific offer pertaining to the holiday season, this will also help you generate some additional sales online (particularly great for businesses who are slower this time of year). If you really want to bank on your sale, take advantage of social media advertising options like Facebook Offers or Twitter Sponsored Tweets.
  5. Christmas contests: an easy way to drive traffic this season is to run a holiday contest. The monetary value of the prize is totally up to you, but try contacting your partners or preferred vendors and possibly cross-promote the contest to save a little money. There are many ways to take advantage of contests at the holidays, and you’ll be putting a smile on the face of the lucky winner too!
    1. For Facebook, ask for ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ for entries to see best return.
    2. For Twitter, ask for ‘retweets’ and ‘follows’ for entries for best return.
    3. For Instagram, ask for ‘tags’ and ‘comments’ for best return.
  6. Customized holiday content: put together some branded holiday images or blog posts to publish throughout December. Some ideas include: holiday images/quotes, holiday-themed how-to blogs, pictures of behind-the-scenes holiday fun, etc.
  7. Run a holiday Twitter chat: Twitter chats are a great way to boost engagement and followers (and increased opportunity for trending), so why not host a Twitter chat with a holiday twist? Tackle holiday issues, share ideas or tips or just generate a conversation about a topic. Be sure to choose a unique hashtag for the chat so you can track numbers, ex: #BambooHolidayChat.
  8. Give back to the community: do something great for your favourite local non-profit or organization and let people know about it. You can also try starting your own good karma initiative: food bank drive, coat drive, volunteering, etc. People love a ‘feel good’ story!
  9. Happy Holidays messages: spread the spirit of the season by sending out ‘thank you’ posts or ‘season greetings’ images/posts across your social channels. A little warm and fuzzy goes a long way!
  10. Cross-promotion: find a way to celebrate your partners, vendors, etc. by using a cross-promotion opportunity. For example, suggest local businesses for holiday shopping ideas and tag them in your post. Chances are, they will at the very least re-post it, which allows more eyeballs on your website and company.

Are your social media pages decked out for the holidays? We’d love to see, tweet us a link!

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