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Social media marketing explained, with pizza

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Inspired by YYC Pizza Week this week in Calgary, we are going to break down social media marketing to the most basic explanation, with the help of pizza.

  • “Pizza sign people”: Have you ever been driving home in rush hour, and noticed a peppy lad or lassie standing on the side of a busy street holding (or dancing with) a sign for a pizza company? Well, social media marketers can simply be thought of as “pizza sign people” for companies. What we mean by that, is that our job (among a few others) is primarily to drive traffic to your website/store.
  • Attracting those pizza lovers: As marketers, we will get creative with our approach in grabbing the attention of the public and push them towards online engagement, and visiting your website where qualified leads occur. Similar to those pizza sign people who can be seen dancing or wearing funny costumes, we will be unique and creative in our approach to getting the attention of your current and potential customers online. This comes down to a true understanding of your target demographics, a knowledge of how people interact online, and a general knack for creativity.
  • Selling those precious slices: As we mentioned before, our job is to direct people to your website, where a sale or qualified lead can be made. Similar to “pizza sign people”, our job is to get people in the door, where you can sell them a slice of your delicious pizza. A common misconception is that social media marketing will guarantee you sales, and the primary goal is that it will, but at the end of the day social media marketers are not part of your sales team. Their job is to engage with an audience online and get visitors to your site where you can take it from there.

A great social media marketer will understand, just as you do, what makes your “pizza” better than everyone else’s, making it easier for them to appeal to your target market. They should also have a knowledge of when they can tug at your audience’s “appetite” the best as well. Just like you see those pizza sign folk out on the streets during rush hour, when everyone is coming home, hungry, after work. Brilliant! Social media marketing, when done correctly, is the same way; it’s a little bit science, a little bit research and a lot of creativity.

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